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Reading Street War Memorial

The chancel screen in St Andrew's Church was installed in 1920 commemorating Reading Street villagers who did not return from the Great War. There are the names of twenty villagers on the right hand side of the screen. There are fifteen names on the left hand side, these being ex-pupils (and one former master) from Rimpton School.

The names on the screens are listed below. You can read more about these people by clicking on the links. If you have any further information, either on the locals or those from Rimpton School, please email the office.

Rimpton School

F M S Bowen

G Baker

R Brown

F Buckley

G Cronk

A M Gaselee

D McNaghton

E D Messervy

J Matthey

P H Nixon

M F Oakley

W W Ogilvy

G A Powell

V L S Searle

V A Strauss

Reading Street

H Austen

W Baker

F A Brown

A H Fagg

W Gardener

J Goodey

G W Gosney

F Harding

F J Horn

R W Lewis

A Masters

A J Miller

J T Miller

L A Miller

T J Miller

J Murphy

F S Prett

B Watler

S J Watler

F Wood

Reading Street Names Rimpton School Names
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