The St Andrew's Voyagers Mission Group was founded in 1965. It started as a small group from the congregation socialising in other's homes and raising money to support missionaries. Even today, some of the original founders are still active members. The membership of St. Andrew's Voyagers is the congregation. Members meet to discuss which projects are to be supported.

At the present time our projects are:

  • Mission Guatemala
  • Thanet Disabled Riding Centre
  • Mission Aviation Fellowship

Each year we endeavour to raise thousands of pounds from sales tables, an annual soiree, BBQs, and many social occasions such as coffee and sherry mornings.

If you like what we do, please join us; if you don't, then please tell us!

We often support other organisations on a one off basis, and would welcome your suggestions.

We have many events planned.

For further information please contact our Secretary, Mrs Pat Price (01843 863046)