Community Hall Refurbishment

The building currently used as St Andrew's Community Hall was first built in 1907 for use as the Reading Street Church. It is constructed as a wooden frame clad with corrugated iron sheeting. In 2015, the sheeting was removed in a number of places to check on the condition of the wooden frame. The examination showed that the frame was in remarkably good condition but the same cannot be said of the sheeting. A project has been started to replace the cladding (walls and roof) with insulated alumimium cladding which will greatly reduce the enviromental impact of the bulidng. In addition to the cladding replacement, we hope to make further improvements to the amenities and appearance of the hall.

The project, if completed as we hope, will cost in excess of £100,000 but it will provide an excellent amenity for the local community.

You can get an idea of what might be done in these architect's sketches. Clicking on a picture will open a larger copy.