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St Andrew's Church

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Church Interior

St Andrew's Community Hall Refurbishment Project

St Andrew's Community Hall was built in 1907 and other than some routine maintenance has had no major external work carried out since it was built.

Recent surveys have indicated that the external cladding is in poor condition and the roof leaks in a number of places. We have planning permission for the refurbishment which will consist of a number of sub-projects.

In order to fund the project we have launched an appeal to raise £50,000 via an interest-free loan scheme. Please contact the Hall Manager if you can lend £500.

Principal Task

Renew external cladding to roof and walls, insulate cavity to reduce heat loss and costs, plaster board all internal walls and skim plaster to enable redecoration of building on completion.

Secondary Task

Carry out changes to design, to improve layout of the hall.

  • Improve storage spaces with an additional building on the south side and an enlargement to the existing store on the north side.
  • Create a “presentation wall” across the majority of the south wall to allow quality audio/visual presentations, use as a back drop for stage, both meetings and performance, and the presentation of static information (i.e. notice and display boards). This will require the removal of the windows in this wall.

Potential additional improvements

Higher Priority

  • Remove false ceiling and fluorescent lighting, re-establish ceiling lines with choir vestry/meeting room, restore finish to timber cladding. Install pendant and wall mounted LED lighting.
  • Replace and increase number of power sockets avoiding surface run cables.
  • Replace heating system with wet pressurised system.
  • Install remotely operated Velux type windows in south side ceiling.
  • Assuming economic justification, install PV solar panels to south roof elevation.

Lower Priority

  • Replace exsiting hall chairs (100 - 120).
  • Upgrade kitchen finishes.
  • Fit a noise control system.
  • Provide additional audio/visual equipment.
  • Provide a portable stage.